Other apps websites/blogs/posts

1. http://mmehawtree.blogspot.ca/2013/02/digital-storytelling-creating-books-on.html#
Some good ideas for apps to use in the FSL class to make digital stories.

2. http://appyfamily.wordpress.com
Audrey Misiano reviews free and paid apps in different languages for young children.

3. http://teachingwithipad.org/
Steve Lai's blog with general iPad resources and tips.

4. http://ipadapps4school.com/
Lots of great iPad app suggestions for education from Richard Byrnes. Click here for a great apps suggestion called :"The Student Guide to the iPad and iOS".

5. http://www.catherine-ousselin.org/appsfr.htm
Catherine Ousselin's great page for French apps for students of all ages.

6. Click here for a very comprehensive list of apps for all different school subjects by Naomi Harm.

7. Click here for a wonderful ScoopIt collection called "iPads in Education", curated by John Evans.

8. Click here for another great ScoopIt collection called "iPads in French Immersion", curated by Mme Hawtree.

9. Click here for a wonderful collection of iPad apps for Primary French Immersion, put together by the DSBN.

10. http://web2-4languageteachers.wikispaces.com/

11. http://teachinglotewithipads.wordpress.com/

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