Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pierre et le loup

Pierre et le loup par Gérard Philippe $3.99

I was delighted to have discovered this app because when I was little I used to listen to this vinyl record over and over again. I was not disappointed to find out when I opened the app that the recording was exactly as I remembered, so it was a very nostalgic moment for me!

There is not a lot of interactivity in this app. In the book, the only interactivity involves turning the pages. But I really liked how the words are highlighted as they are spoken, making it easy for the child to follow along with the text:

The images are a little primitive and have very little animation. I think more effort could have been put in here. However, having said that, one could argue that the artistic simplicity of it has a certain appeal to it, very old-school like, which may have been done on purpose to match the vintage of the original recording (first recorded in 1939).

There are 34 pages and the entire book takes about 30 minutes to get through, so this is a real bang-for-your-buck deal!  Each character is represented by a different instrument so I love the concept of how children learn to distinguish the sounds of these instruments by listening to the story.

There are two games that come with this app: A concentration game and a sort of Packman game:

However, they are of very little educational value since there is no oral component.

Overall, I loved this app, but I am perhaps a little biased because of my emotional attachment to the piece of music!

Here is a quick video clip of this app:

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars. 

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