Thursday, February 14, 2013

Qui est-ce?

Qui est-ce? (Guess who I am) ($1.99)

This is a GREAT app to teach/learn how to describe someone. When you first launch it, it will probably default to English. You can change it to French by clicking on the British flag (little circle). The next language is Spanish, and then comes French:

There are five different games to play and each game you can play at increasingly different levels:
1) Devine (computer chooses character, you have to guess)
2) Fais moi deviner (you choose character, computer has to guess)
3) Contre la montre (like "Devine", but the computer gives you clues quickly)
4) Tournoi (you against the computer: the computer chooses a character that you have to guess and vice-versa)
5) Deux joueurs (you play against another person trying to be the first one to guess their character, computer randomly choose characters for you).

The first game, "Devine" is you trying to guess which character the computer has randomly chosen. When you click on the game, a window appears to choose the level you want to play. When you first start off, you do not actually have a choice of level. You must start off with the tutorial, and then play a few games before you can proceed to the next level:

Here you can see that I have accomplished the "Entraînement" (Tutorial), "Très facile", and "Facile" levels. As you go up in level of difficulty, the number of characters on your screen increases.

This is what the "Très facile" level looks like with only 6 characters:

"Facile" is with 15 characters, and "Normal" is with 35 characters. I have not yet found out how many characters are in the "Difficile" and "Très difficile" levels!

In each game you start off by clicking on the large question mark on the bottom left hand corner. When you do this, a question will appear at the bottom of your screen that you can ask the computer by clicking on it. If you want to ask a different question, you can swipe right or left to get different questions.

The question choices are:

- Genre: Est-ce une femme?
- Couleur de cheveux: A-t-elle ou a-t-il les cheveux roux (bruns, blonds, blancs, chatains, noirs)
- Coupe de cheveux: A-t-elle ou a-t-il de longs cheveux? Est-il chauve?
- Barbe et moustache: A-t-il une barbe ou une moustache?
- Bouche: A-t-elle ou a-t-il la bouche ouverte?
- Accessoires: A-t-elle ou a-t-il un serre-tête (hairband) dans les cheveux?
- Accessoires: Porte-t-elle ou porte-t-il un chapeau ou une casquette? Porte-t-elle ou porte-t-il des lunettes?
- Couleur des lunettes: Ses lunettes sont-elles bleues/mauves/noires/jaunes/rouges/oranges/des lunettes de soleil?

Once you choose a question, the computer will read out loud the answer for you:

You then need to flip over the cards with all the men:

Then you click on the question mark again to ask another question. Once you have eliminated all of your cards except one, you can click on the exclamation mark "J'ai trouvé" to find out whether you correctly identified the person. If you win, you win "cartes" which, when added up over time, give you permission to play more difficult levels.

This is how many characters are in the "Normal" level:

Below is a quick video excerpt of this game:

I LOVE this game and I'm pretty sure that my students will love it too.

The Halloween version looks good, too!

Click here for a SMARTboard file you can use to pre-teach the vocabulary for this game.

My rating: 5 out of 5 stars. 

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