Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Chaperon Rouge de Grimm

Chaperon Rouge de Grimm: 3D interactive Pop-up book $4.99

Oh my gosh, now THIS is what I call an app!!!  I was so impressed with this app that if I had the money, I would buy all of the apps available from StoryToys.

My jaw dropped when I started reading this interactive book. First of all, I love that the book is available in 7 different languages in the same book ie. you do not have to purchase them separately:

There is a bit of passé simple in the story, but not much so the language seems easy enough to understand:

There is a nice voice that reads the story to you and then you turn the pages.There is background music as well. But the really impressive thing about this book is the pop-up panels (there are 9 of them total):

In these sections there are instructions for the child to follow interactively. Here you are supposed to help Chaperon Rouge tidy up. BRILLIANT! The one improvement I would make to this part is if the instructions were available to select in English as well, in case the child does not understand what he/she is supposed to do.

One panel did not seem to work properly:

Here, you are supposed to be able to manipulate the arrow at the bottom to make Le Bucheron run faster, but I couldn't figure out how to do it.

Below is a quick video clip of this app:

Overall, it was a very positive experience reading this book and I would rate this app 5/5 stars!


  1. Wow, what a terrific collection, Sylvia. I'm intrigued and will be checking out many of these titles. For the future, if you could also identify an age level, that would be helpful.

  2. Hi Doug, thanks for the compliment! I thought about your idea of including age level, but as I mentioned in the home page of my blog, my intent is to review apps for K-8. I want to avoid identifying an age level since it depends on the FSL program the child is in: French immersion vs. Extended vs. Intensive vs. Core... you get the drift. Perhaps you mean age level according to the interest of the child as opposed to his French skills? That's something I might consider. Thanks for the idea!

  3. My pre-schooler and Kindergartner are getting this one! So the age thing is definitely varied! They will both enjoy it for sure! I personally prefer that they can't hear the directions in English as well, however, I can understand how that would come in handy. I personally don't like when my children click on the English button just as a crutch when there is a way to listen again and again to the instructions.

    Just purchased this and the kids are playing it now! Soleil is playing and Geo is very happily watching the action! The 3-D pop ups are a huge hit!

    Oh, and I just figured out that in order to make Le Bucheron run faster, you have to run your finger along with the red shading that goes from left to right. Follow the red and eventually you will catch Le Loup! :o)

    My only hope is that for the price, this is an app that they keep coming back to. It does the same thing, but provides some variety with how it can be read aloud or alone...but the interactive parts are exactly the same. If it ends up not being used by the kids, I will remedy this by using it with them myself for a special story time.

  4. Very valid point, Audrey. Durability is definitely something I should consider with my apps reviews. I would welcome your feedback on that with the apps that you buy for your kids. However, it strikes me that hard-copy books that you purchase are much more expensive than an app. And $4.99 for a book seems like a pretty good deal, non? Let me know!

  5. Yes, agreed...real books do indeed cost more than $5 usually! What I am finding with apps is that I can never really tell what my children will keep coming back to. Sometimes they love the ones I think are "les formes et les couleurs" and they play it over and over and over again. Other times, like with the 3D app above, they play it once or twice and don't seek it out again. However, as I mentioned before, I will use this app as a special story time and I think they will also grow into it as they become more literate...they are très petits quand même! :o)

    Unfortunately for every awesome app out there, there seems to be 7-10 not-so-good apps. Blogs like yours are truly appreciated by people like me because it helps me make more educated choices when purchasing new apps. Thank you, Sylvia!!!