Tuesday, February 12, 2013

T'Choupi joue avec les couleurs

T'Choupi joue avec les couleurs (says $2.99 on iTunes, actually is $4.99)

This is another cute app by Sejer. However, it does not have as much to offer as T'Choupi joue avec des lettres.  While the graphics are sharper and more refined, it would not take long for a child to finish all of the activities on this app.

Similar to other T'Choupi apps, I really like how the child's voice talks to you the entire time you are on the app, so the activities are all orally-based. Here are you are asked to touch everything that is orange in the image. As you do so, the colours fill in and you also hear the name of the object.

In the "Quiz activity", you are supposed to touch the colours narrated by the child's voice and you are congratulated when you do it correctly:

In the "Coloriage" section, you choose an image to colour in. The colour is named each time you use it:

Below is a short video of the app:

In summary, another nice app for very young children (1 - 7).

My rating: 3 out of 5 stars. 

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