Wednesday, February 6, 2013

French words for kids (Montessori)

French words for kids (Montessori), $3.99

I am very impressed with this app. It teaches spelling of easy words in a fun and instructional way. The opening menu lets you choose the types of words you want to work with:

I suspect that "Themes" will be the most popular with FSL teachers so this is what I chose:

There are 14 themes to choose from, for a total of 236 words: this is great! Beyond the themes you see here are Town, Family, DIY, Beach, and Others.

Once you pick a theme, an image will show up and you need to spell it. The great thing about this app is the child hears the word spoken first, then can click on each white square to get a sound clue as to what letter belongs there. Very impressive feature! When the word is spelled properly, a very pretty animation will appear to congratulate the child (this one has falling stars):

If you put your finger on the stars (or whatever the animation is), you can drag your finger around the screen to make the stars follow you: Lovely!

I hope they come out with this app in a Part 2 version to cover even more words. Some themes that I would like to see covered in this app include: les adjectifs, les sports, les sentiments, les actions (verbes), l'école, les prépositions, le calendrier, la méteo. It would also be great to have vocabulary related to "Les fêtes (Noël, L'Halloween, etc)". Overall, I loved this app so much that I immediately purchased "French numbers for kids" which I will review next. I suspect that all apps by L'Escapadou are of superior quality.

Below is a video of this app in action:

My rating: 5 out of 5 stars, a very worthwhile purchase.

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