Friday, February 8, 2013

Learn and Play French

Learn and Play French by Yuriy Yansin, $1.99

I was not impressed with this app. It looked promising: "More than 500 words of vocabulary!" Here is the first page:

Not too user-friendly from the get-go. When you click on "Learn", you get the following menu:

Not good news when you see a typo right off the bat ("Nombers").

I do like the simple presentation to learn the vocab:

A voice says the word, then you click on the arrow to learn the next word. When the set is finished, I assume that you go back to the menu and you play the first game:

But apparently not! The first game includes all 500 vocabulary words, not just the words in the set that you learned! In this game you are supposed to click on word that goes with the picture. If you get it right, a voice will say the word. If you don't, this weird bubbly sound occurs and you move on to the next picture. No chance to hear to correct word.

So I exited this game and tried the next one:

Now with this game, at least you get to pick the set you want to practice. But here you are supposed to touch the image that goes with the word. Notice how none of the words here match the picture? This is the weird thing. Every 5 seconds the images change, and you just have to wait until an image from one of the three words shows up. You could wait for 10 images to go by before you actually see it. Truly a waste of time.

In the last game, you are supposed to spell correctly the word that goes with the image:

What do you figure the odds are of spelling "Patin à roulettes" is for French learners? No reference to use, no clues, rien. If you don't get it right, you hear that weird bubbly noise again and it goes to the next image.

In summary, this app was a huge disappointment. It's a shame because it has a lot of potential. I will not buy another app from this developer, Yuriy Yanshin.

Below is a quick videoclip:

My rating: 2 out of 5 stars. 

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